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B klases paraplāns kam ir izcila planēšanas kvalitāte 10+ un viegli startējams bezvējā.

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Light carabiners from Macpara -  Lockjaw (pair)

42,00 €

Cockpit / Front Mount Reserve Container This front mount reserve container is made from different material and has a hard cockpit container to protect instruments such as a camera, GPS and vario. Suitable for Aegis 30, Aegis 33, Aegis 33 Light, Aegis 38, Aegis 38 light and Aegis 45 light.

69,00 €

“Light Weight” – Front Mount Reserve Container  (only for Aegis 30 light) The Light Weight is the smallest version of the Mac Para Aegis Front Moun Reserve Containers that fits only the light weight reserve as the Aegis 30 Light. 

69,00 €

“Large” – Aegis Front Mount Reserve Parachute Container The “Large”  Aegis Front Mount Reserve Container is designed for extra big reserves such as the Mac Para Aegis 63 and Aegis 63 light or other tandem sized reserve parachute.

72,00 €

“Regular” – Aegis Front Mount Reserve Parachute Container The ”Regular” size of the Aegis Front Mount Reserve Container is suitable for most reserve parachutes and can fit all Aegis reserve sizes 33, 33 light, 38, 38 light and 45, 45 light.

69,00 €

Go Fast Getting Out of Trouble. The best speed bar for you depends on your preferences. At Mac Para you have choices.

15,00 €

Increased flight instrument deck and additional front compartment for any harness with place for watter balast (water sack incl.) (Cordura)

43,00 €

Flight instrument deck and additional front compartment for any harness (Cordura)

43,00 €

Protect of the C-Rod Technology Many of the latest Mac Para paragliders have nylon C- Rod Technology creating a semi rigid leading edge resulting in better performance.  The challenge was to figure out how to fold the glider to prevent damaging the C-Rods. The answer to protect and maintain advanced paragliders while transporting is the Seven Fold Certina...

60,00 €

The Mountain Bag comes standard with the purchase of the Mac Para Yukonhike and fly paraglider. It is also perfect for speed wings or extra small paragliders.

91,00 €

Small Children NOT Included The Bronco bag comes standard with every Mac Para paraglider unless otherwise mentioned.

112,00 €

Free Your Hands The Sherpa Carry Pack is nearly identical as the Mac Pack. It shares the same design features and quality but gets the addition of high-quality shoulder straps and compression strap

96,00 €

Never Waste Time Folding Your Glider Again! Extra-large size to accommodate any size paraglider and loose enough to prevent bending Nylon C-Rods.

69,00 €

The Levity epitomizes the growing trend of flying with lighter equipment. The Levity is an ultra light, comfortable and reversible ABS harness with airbag. It is suitable for a wide range of pilots. The Levity combines the comfort level typical of MAC PARA harnesses with easy carrying.

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The Rock paragliding harness is based on MAC’s highly successful Goya. The Rock is a light and spacious, aerodynamically cut ABS harness that is suitable for novice pilots and paragliding schools.

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Warranted comfort even after hours of flight. The harness is sensitive to weight-shift thanks to the lower position of the main carabiners. Excellent feed-back from the glider to the harness.

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The harness is sensitive to weight-shift thanks to the lower position of the main carabineers. The Rider gives excellent feed-back from the glider making it ideal for freestyle flying.

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