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All new. Same FLYMASTER

299,00 €

Izclils rīks prasīgākajiem pilotiem gan sacensībām, gan maršruta lidojumiem.

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Designed for maximum performance and safety. The LIVE SD 3G is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument specially built for competition and XC pilots with worldwide livetracking.

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Engineered for Easy Navigation and Safety. The GPS SD 3G is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument for pilots wanting to fly worldwide XC and have the proven live tracking functions of the renowned LIVE SD 3G.

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SYRIDE Sys'Nav XL ir pilnvērtīga lidošanas GPS ierīce ar sacensību funkcijām.

499,00 €

Ground to Air Radio with 1500 mW Powerful Audio

300,00 €

IP67 waterproof Speaker Microphone

100,00 €

Acoustic tube earphone-microphone with PTT

34,00 €

Throat microphone with earphones

32,66 €

Head headset with boom microphone for hands-free operation

219,29 €

Earphone headset with boom microphone for hands-free operation

37,59 €

Lightweight Lapel Microphone with Earphone

45,99 €

Stable lapel microphone with earphones

98,60 €

XC Tracer Mini IV GPS is a solar variometer with GPS and BLE, simple and performant. It may weight only 34 grams but it has more than one trick up its sleeve!

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Whether you're a beginner or a pro - with the XC Tracer Maxx you fly intuitively like never before.

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More fun to you and your Buddies. With integrated Fanet+ & Flarm it allows you to share the sky with your friends and enjoy the safety of being seen by others.

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Complete Performing Convenient Intuitive

649,00 €

Flymaster nācis klajā ar jaunu instrumentu – GPS LS, nodrošinot jauniem un pieredzējušiem pilotiem vieglu un saprotamu lidošanas instrumentu, bagātu ar daudz iespējām.

299,00 €
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