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Ground to Air Radio with 1500 mW Powerful Audio

300,00 €

Head headset with boom microphone for hands-free operation

219,29 €

Earphone headset with boom microphone for hands-free operation

37,59 €

Lightweight Lapel Microphone with Earphone

45,99 €

XC Tracer Mini III GPS is a solar variometer with GPS and BLE, simple and performant. It may weight only 34 grams but it has more than one trick up its sleeve!

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XC Tracer II FLARM is a solar-variometer with integrated FLARM for paraglider and hangglider pilots.

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Whether you're a beginner or a pro - with the XC Tracer Maxx you fly intuitively like never before.

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SkyBean2 is sensitive and durable mini audio vario

75,00 €

More fun to you and your Buddies. With integrated Fanet+ & Flarm it allows you to share the sky with your friends and enjoy the safety of being seen by others.

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Complete Performing Convenient Intuitive

649,00 €

Flymaster nācis klajā ar jaunu instrumentu – GPS LS, nodrošinot jauniem un pieredzējušiem pilotiem vieglu un saprotamu lidošanas instrumentu, bagātu ar daudz iespējām.

299,00 €

Light. Slim. Simple. Affordable.The VARIO LS is a basic, easy to use affordable instrument developed with beginers in mind or advanced pilots who just want to keep it simple.

189,00 €

Light, simple, colorful. Perfectly configured as a stand alone instrument for everyday use, Hike and Fly adventures and Cross-country missions.

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