The task sounded clear! .... 

Design and produce a performance ultralight glider for a wide range of pilots. 


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The outcome is that the Aravis is the lightest; small-packed-volume; "double-skin" paraglider in our range. Hike & Fly enthusiasts as well as novice pilots will find it to be a simple and reliable wing for their flying. The Aravis is one of the highest performing lightweight EN A paragliders available on the market. 


The canopy is made using lightweight materials. On a heavily stressed leading edge, Skytex 32 provides an excellent compromise between lightness and robustness. The rest of the canopy uses a Skytex 27 with a double coating, which, despite its extremely low weight, also has very good resistance to aging. The Nitinol rod system of rib reinforcement  provides optimal rigidity of the canopy and guarantees the stability of the clean canopy surface, even if the wing is carelessly glider packed. 

Construction and details

The canopy itself is designed for maximum aerodynamic cleanliness. It features: Triple positive 3D shaping, negative 3D leading edge shaping, mini-ribs on the trailing edge and newly shaped stabilizers. Optimized diameter of ARAMID unsheathed lines in the gallery and PPSLS main lines together with narrow light risers reduce drag and increase performance. Canopy shape, 50 cells, internal structure, diagonal ribs, line geometry - all have been optimized to provide the canopy sufficient rigidity, ensuring stability and a pleasant and comfortable flight in turbulent air. The main lines are connected to the colour-coded risers using small stainless steel carabiners. The canopy is equipped with loops at air intakes, which can help to fix the canopy on a slippery surface (snow). 

Easy to Use

Easy take offs - easy inflation and lifting of the canopy without over-shooting are the main advantages of this paraglider. Ideal glider behaviour for difficult take offs.

In flight, the canopy provides excellent feedback, promptly responds to pilot input and strengthens the pilot's confidence from the very beginning. He can focus on the essentials even in the most demanding conditions. 40% of the control range can be safely used for easy operation even in strong thermal cores.

Steering forces are low and progressively increase. The Aravis has exceptional passive stability, i.e. the canopy forgives a lot if it is flown less actively.

Extremely low weight, the possibility of a small volume during transport pushes the boundary of what is possible during hike and fly.

Requirements for piloting and certification

In five sizes, the Aravis is certified in the EN A category in the entire (very wide) weight range. From the lower limit to the middle of the weight range, the glider is suitable for beginner pilots and relaxed thermal flying. At maximum load, its sporty character is more pronounced and therefore the higher load is intended more for more experienced pilots.

The two smallest sizes, the Aravis 17 and the Aravis 19, are specifically designed for Hike & Fly activities. 
Due to the higher canopy load, check very carefully whether the chosen size corresponds to your piloting skills and experience.

Proud in comparison

Well-balanced with unrivalled penetration against the wind, comparative tests have confirmed that there is no doubt that the Aravis is one of the most powerful lightweight paragliders available on the market. Relaxing handling is combined with good climb characteristics. Wherever you go, the precision and range of control will delight you.

The Aravis is available in sizes 17,19,21,23,25 and 28 and covers the weight range from 50 kg to 115 kg. Serial designs are named WHITE and LIME.

Technical Specifications

ARAVIS17 (XXS)19 (XS)21 (S)23 (M)25 (L)28 (XL)
Zoom flat[%]869195.5100105.5111
Area flat[m2]16.8318.8520.7622.7625.3328.04
Area projected[m2]14.8516.6318.3120.0822.3524.74
Span flat[m]9.329.8610.3510.8411.4412.03
Aspect ratio flat5.
Root cord[m]2.212.342.452.572.712.85
Weight range *[kg]55 - 70 - (80**)55 - 80 - (90**)55 - 8060 - 9375 - 10585 - 115
Weight range *[lbs]121-154 - 176121-176 - 198121 - 176132 - 205165 - 231187 - 254
Min. speed[km/h]25 - 2723 - 2623 - 2623 - 2623 - 2623 - 26
Trim speed[km/h]37 - 4337 - 4337 - 4337 - 4337 - 4337 - 43
Top speed (accelerator)[km/h]46 - 5046 - 5046 - 5046 - 5046 - 5046 - 50
Glide ratio+10+10+10+10+10+10
Min. sink rate[m/s]
SertifikācijaEN A

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