Crispi is one of the World leading makers of parachuting and paragliding boots. Fans of these sports know what landing involves, especially with cold ankles or on rough ground. They consequently know what to demand of their flying boots.

184,00 €

Jaunā SUCCESS 4 iekare ir kas vairāk kā tikai jauns papildinājums SUCCESS iekaru ģimenei: tai ir izcils drošības līmenis – tālu pārsniedz vispārējos sertifikācijas kritērijus, kas padara to īpašu.

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Xplorer 1 Brand: SKYWATCH Type: Anemometer Dimensions: 41 x 93 x 17 mm Weight: 50 g

38,00 €

The series name Annular stands for quality, reliability and countless successfull rescue openings. With our innovation in annular technology, the new Annular EVO series, we even managed to improve its well-proven technology at some essential attributes!

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The 3 mm thickness polycarbonate shell has the advantage to be very light but still very strong.

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Device to release from towing rope

30,00 €

A classic sparkling with the latest technical features, a growth in performance and a plus in handling precision. Under the Basic-Intermediate EPSILON 8’s compact, light canopy you get a good feeling; straightaway -  whether as improver or experienced leisure flyer. Live your paragliding with an EPSILON 8 and like-minded people – experience real friendship.

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Good, round and handy is an accurate description of the Carrybag by U-Turn. With the bag your glider is easily, conveniently and quickly packed up. Simply open bag, insert the glider, pull the string and done.

49,95 €

Ja gribi uzzināt, kā izskatās zeme no putna lidojuma augstuma, un ir vēlme redzēt Rīgu no augšas, sajust, kā vairāku simtu metru augstumā svilpo vējš, ja tevī mīt avantūrisms un romantika, ja vēlies asākas izjūtas vai gribi tās uzdāvināt draugiem - IZMĒĢINI! Tas ir priekš TEVIS! € 40.00 Iegādāties ŠEIT!

The PILOT helmet was specially developped by SUP’AIR for paragliding school. It is modern, comfortable and very light.

130,00 €

Light hard shell helmet (certified according to EN 966 HPG)

129,00 €

Windstopper® gloves for the free-flying activities. Flexible with a nice fit for untangling the glider lines and give an excellent feedback from the wing in flight. Warm and wind-proof ( great for inter-season flying ).

60,00 €

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