The Sherpa Carry Pack 1 is nearly identical as the Mac Pack. It shares the same design features and quality but gets the addition of high-quality shoulder straps and compression strap. 


  • This addition transforms the Carry Pack 1 into a loosely packed backpack that makes it easier to carry  your paraglider long distances without having to fold your paraglider. Ideal for professional tandem pilots or pilots who like the Mac Pack and want to carry their paraglider on their shoulders as a back pack.

    • Extra-large size to accommodate any size paraglider.
    • Durable polyamide fabric that is light weight.
    • Compactable enough to put into your paraglider harness when you fly.
    • Big thick comfortable shoulder straps and chest strap for easy carrying.
    • Compression straps to make the whole bag fold in half volume.
    • Visible drawstring cords that are connected all the way around the outside diameter.
    • Internal riser holder to prevent line twists.
    • Silk screen Mac Para logo.
    • Classic colors with black trim.
    • Weight 0.80 kg / 1,76 lbs.
    • Volume 200-350 liters.

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