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More fun to you and your Buddies. With integrated Fanet+ & Flarm it allows you to share the sky with your friends and enjoy the safety of being seen by others.

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Complete Performing Convenient Intuitive

649,00 €

Flymaster nācis klajā ar jaunu instrumentu – GPS LS, nodrošinot jauniem un pieredzējušiem pilotiem vieglu un saprotamu lidošanas instrumentu, bagātu ar daudz iespējām.

329,00 €

Light, simple, colorful. Perfectly configured as a stand alone instrument for everyday use, Hike and Fly adventures and Cross-country missions.

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Your Expert Co-Pilot The full featured Oudie 4 is clearly designed for the experienced pilot who doesn’t compromise, or those who want the functionality to enter and win competitions.

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399,00 €

Simple LightPracticalPowerfull

199,00 €

Flytec Speed is for you if you are looking for a robust and reliable vario with the benefit of GPS.

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Flytec Track is right for you if you need a robust and reliable device for your Cross-Country flights with basic airspace warnings and IGC file recording.

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Flytec Alto is for you if you are looking for a simple, robust and reliable vario.

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Practical Light Powerfull Intuitive

349,00 €

Engineered for Easy Navigation and Safety. The GPS SD+ is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument for pilots wanting to fly XC and have the proven live tracking functions of the renowned LIVE SD .

649,00 €

Engineered for maximum performance. The NAV SD is designed for the competition pilot, having all the bells and whistles fly comps fast and effectively but without the Live tracking functions..

629,00 €

Designed for maximum performance and safety. The LIVE SD is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument specially built for competition and XC pilots.

799,00 €

Xplorer 1 Brand: SKYWATCH Type: Anemometer Dimensions: 41 x 93 x 17 mm Weight: 50 g Pasūtījumam rakstiet SMS vai WhatsAppā uz lapas augšā redzamo telefona numuru! (For the order, write an SMS or in WhatsApp to the phone number shown at the top of the page!) CENA (PRICE) Lai uzzinātu cenu, rakstiet SMS vai WhatsAppā uz lapas augšā redzamo telefona...

40,00 €
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