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Available ChaseCam is compatible with GoPro Session 4 and 5 cameras

115,00 €

Chase XC is the first truly fold-able chasecam! It is compatible with any action camera in 50-160 g weight range.

150,00 €

The BGD compression bag allows you to compact your wing into an slim, neat package without risking damage to your leading edge. 

79,00 €

Particularly suitable for progression harnesses such as the EVO LITE, PIXAIR 2, ALTIRANDO LITE.

80,00 €

The Cockpit Lite is designed for pilots looking for a cockpit offering a wide display area while keeping a contained weight.

70,00 €

The new, modern, simple design Cockpit CARRY has new distinguishing features.

133,00 €

Zābaku kopšanas līdzeklis.

10,00 €

FAST TO OPEN, STUFF AND CLOSE Ideal to easily ball-up and pack a wing.

75,00 €

DustBag - light quickpack with a side net for both PG and PPG canopies.

95,00 €

DewBag - light quickpack with a side net for both PG and PPG canopies.

95,00 €

"Easy Catch" is a godsend for all those who have problems catching the bar after starting. Here the speedbar is designed to stay always in front of the speedsystem lines, so it is always handy (or footy :o).

40,00 €

V riser mini connects rescue parachute placed in frontkontener light with main carabineers.

15,00 €

Made from waterproof material, the NOVA concertina bag protects the paraglider from external damage cause by, for example, sweat or abrasion. The vent panel ensures the correct climatic conditions within the bag.

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Bag reduces the volume of the wing, protects it from sweat and helps to pack it flatter, which makes carrying it in your rucksack more comfortable. The Compression Bag is fitted with a vent. When opened, any remaining air can be pushed out of the bag.

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The CITO combines the advantages of a good paraglider backpack with the ones of a fast packing bag. It is super-easy to pack, then shapes into a rucksack and is as comfortable to carry as a backpack.

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The compressible fast packing bag is made of extremely light but durable material. It helps you to pack your gathered glider and your harness fast, comfortably and easily, ready to go for the next flight.

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 „MUST HAVE“ for packing your glider gently. Not only for gliders with mini ribs at the leading edge it brings a huge advantage but also for all other types.

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BGD's ergonomically designed concertina bag is light and efficient. Redesigned from top to bottom this 3rd generation concertina bag is lighter and has half the pack size of previous model.

75,00 €

Used in paramotor arm systems

6,00 €

Square shape: the finest connector when connecting two flat webbing of same width.

10,00 €

Square shape: the finest connector when connecting two flat webbing of same width.

11,00 €

The original oval shape was developed on the principle of a chain link fitted with manual nut opening. This shape reflects the spirit of Maillon Rapide quick links connectors.

10,00 €

Traditional windsock indicating wind direction - most often encountered on take-offs. Made of the same textile as our paragliders

18,00 €

Dimensions:- lenght 1,3 m- diameter: 27 cm

27,00 €
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