DustBag - light quickpack with a side net for both PG and PPG canopies.

95,00 €


Makes possible to pack the wing quickly and loosely, with no need for careful folding. Guards against dust and dirt. Inside there is a carabiner to clip the risers and a pouch to keep them packed.
Features handles to carry it.

Note! We have two complementary quick-bags, DustBag and DewBag.

DustBag will be a good solution in dry places, with a lot of dirt and sand around. Its tightly closed cover will protect canopy against them.

DewBag is designed for pilots who often fly with moisture present, early in the morning or late evening. The vents allow the dew to at least partially evaporate during transport or temporary storage (remember that moist wing has to be properly dried anyway, by laying or hanging it out in a dry place).

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