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Good, round and handy is an accurate description of the Carrybag by U-Turn. With the bag your glider is easily, conveniently and quickly packed up. Simply open bag, insert the glider, pull the string and done.

49,95 €

Used in paramotor arm systems

6,00 €

Square shape: the finest connector when connecting two flat webbing of same width.

10,00 €

Square shape: the finest connector when connecting two flat webbing of same width.

11,00 €

The original oval shape was developed on the principle of a chain link fitted with manual nut opening. This shape reflects the spirit of Maillon Rapide quick links connectors.

10,00 €

Traditional windsock indicating wind direction - most often encountered on take-offs. Made of the same textile as our paragliders

15,00 €

Dimensions:- lenght 1,3 m- diameter: 27 cm

27,00 €

We sell this kind of fabric in 10x152 cm sheets. It is used to repair minor damages

7,00 €

MotoBag is a dedicated solid backpack for PPG wings, made of proven Cordura fabric

215,00 €

Practical shell for a paraglider, used instead of a regular bag

64,00 €

Mount is easy to fix on paraglider harness' straps. It is a perfect base for any navigational instrument covered with case equipped with velcro strap which will keep it on the mount.

8,00 €

Neoprene case for following variometers: Flytec Element Flytec Alto Brauniger One Brauniger One + Flytec 6010 Flytec 6005

10,00 €

Survival/rescue kit for paraglider pilots in spacious Cordura pocket.

46,00 €

A foot rest (stirrup) can be fixed to harness, clipped into carabiners via side rings. Provides comfortable rest for your legs (of vital importance in long flights)

22,00 €

"Easy Catch" is a godsend for all those who have problems catching the bar after take-off

38,00 €

CoinFlex - a functional and elegant sporty wallet

30,00 €

Standard V-riser, connects rescue chute to the harness. It is 120 cm long

15,00 €

Device to release from towing rope

30,00 €

A universal tool designed with typical emergencies in mind

24,00 €

Paragliding flight deck can be mounted on any PG or PPG harness

54,00 €

Frontcontainer for rescue chute with detachable instrument panel

88,00 €

Lighti frontcontainer covering a resuce parachute. Designed for light harnesses

46,00 €

Front container - NEW MODEL with neoprene

54,00 €

Fast-Bag (quick pack). Designed for fast glider packing

78,00 €
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