The Comos is the lightweight version of Compact 3. It has lightweight risers (that can be ordered with “dyneema connects”) and lighter fabrics.

Compact 3 was designed to be the perfect companion from your first flights to your first experience in thermals and even XC ! We used technologies that are usually on higher-category gliders, such as reinforced leading edge, 3 liners concept and advanced internal diagonals.



The front part of the profile is rigidified by crossed plastics rods, also know as the shark nose. It enables stable inflation of canopy at all angles of attack.

The shape of the upper front pannels have been optimized using 3D modeling (called 3D shapping) to get a cleaner leading edge for a better penetration in the air, glide and speed.

Lines layout is pure three-line structure. This solution, along with linear distribution of the lines along the span, has enabled us to greatly reduce the consumption of lines (40% less drag induced by the lines compared to the Compact 2), which also contributes significantly to relatively high maximum speed.


  • Top surface – Skytex 27g/m²
  • Bottom surface – Skytex 27g/m²
  • Internal structure – Skytex 32g/m²
  • Lines – Sheated Ø 0.9 to 1.8mm from Liros Dyneema and Cousin Vectralines

Just as all of our gliders the Compact 3 is manufactured in Czech Republic in our facilities. Using 100% made in europe materials 



Plase note that the Cosmos is not certified yet.

For us it’s the begining of the lightweight journey and since certification is an expensive process, we currently don’t have the right balance between demand and the price of such an investment.
But still, it’s important to note that lightweight versions of already certified gliders always have better results at the EN test since they have less inertia due to the weight of the canopy.

We have other projects on R&D that will be lightweight and certfified so stay tuned !


The Cosmos is offered in 5 basic color combinations – see picture. It is also possible to make the custom color combinations in accordance with customer’s wish – but it is necessary to expect a longer delivery time for this glider colors…

SertifikācijaEN A

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