Light, fully-fledged and small when packed: many have been waiting for this tandem wing for Hike and Fly with friends and family. Now it’s here! The PI BI in one 37 m2 size weighs only 4.8 kg and has a takeoff weight range from 100 to 180 kg. This ADVANCE Light Tandem merges PI philosophy with the popular flying qualities of the BIBETA 6.


Special: It’s not just the weight and volume; even the handling and agility of the light tandem remind one of a solo wing. The PI BI has three risers and trims, like the BIBETA 6, and is fitted with robust Edelrid Aramid lines. PI BI – dynamic flying fun for two.

 Despite its low weight and very small packed volume, similar to a solo wing, the PI BI is a fully-capable tandem wing with effective trims which give it a large speed range. This is made possible by a very compact build method and minimalist inner life. As well as the tandem certification the PI BI is also approved for solo flying.

Technical data

Flat surfacem237.2
Projected surfacem231.8
Recommended takeoff weightkg100 - 180
Glider weightkg4.8
Projected spanm11.4
Aspect ratio5.4
Projected aspect ratio4.1
Number of cells53
Number of risers3+1
CertificationEN / LTF B
TrimmersYES / 8 cm
SertifikācijaEN B

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