The Pasha 7 was developed for pilots who appreciate a perfect working tool, it doesn’t matter if you're a commercial pilot or a pilot focused on cross-country flights.


With this toy it is pleasure to share the beauty of flying.

Is the Pasha 7 better than any other tandem?

Without exaggeration, we can confirm that the MAC PARA R&D Team has worked hard to make it damn good in all aspects..... What does that mean?

Easy use at take-off

A clean leading edge is aided by the use of nitinol rods.
Continuous inflation, easy rise into position for launch.
Damping prevents any tendency for overshooting – stabilising over the pilot's head.
Low sensitivity to crosswinds –retains stability over the pilot's head.
Good buoyancy at slow speed during take-off on flat launch sites.

In flight

Increased glide ratio and speed.
Stays on track without rolling.
Canopy is clean and well balanced.
Wide speed range thanks to adjustable trimers.


More progressive handling during initial brake input.
Light forces - not tiring when flying all day long.
Balanced pitch with good feedback.
Keeps track and bank when turn is initiated.
Good climbing performance.


PASHA 739 (M)42 (L)
Zoom flat[%]96100
Area flat[m2]39.3542.70
Area projected[m2]34.1937.10
Span flat[m]14.4215.02
Aspect ratio flat5.305.30
Root cord[m]3.393.53
Weight range *[kg]120 - 190135 - 220
Weight range *[lbs]264 - 418297 - 484
Min. speed[km/h]24 - 2524 - 25
Trim speed[km/h]36 - 3836 - 38
Top speed (accelerator)[km/h]46 - 4846 - 48
Glide ratio9.79.7
Min. sink rate[m/s]1.11.1

SertifikācijaEN B

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