The atom is, by definition, the smallest element, and the centre of all energy.


Seriāls "Paramotori" 1. sērija

Seriāls "Paramotori" 2. sērija


That energy, for us, is the best expression of the excitement of those who discover flight for the first time and those who truly appreciate it thereafter.


With the ATOM80 we wanted to revisit the meaning of simple flight and offer an experience with an innovative product that would match. To guarantee this, we studied the new engine in every detail, with regards to reliability and safety.


The ATOM is a light quiet engine, well balanced, easy to start with 'Ultrasoft', and packs a punch with low fuel consumption.

This was achieved by dedicated research and design coupled with a history of knowledge. The look is modern with innovative materials and production processes, making it stand out from the crowd.


Forced air cooled engine,  oil bathed helical gear reduction drive, with a centrifugal adjustable clutch.


The thrust is smooth, linear delivering 55kg with a 130 cm propeller and 52kg with 125 cm propeller. 


The ATOM80 is perfect for anyone who appreciates a lightweight engine, delivering power with economy and low noise.


Cycle2 strokes
Stroke54 mms
Swept volume78.2 cc
BoreØ 47.6 mms
Power16 hp at 9.500 rpm
CylinderSingle cylinder in aluminum Nicasil chromed  
PistonDiamond profile, 1 chromed piston ring
IntakeSilencer airbox - Walbro carburetor WG8 with choke system
Reed valve intake

CoolingForced air ventilation system with fan and conveyer
StarterPull starter
ClutchAdjustable centrifugal
Reduction driveOil lubricated helicoidal gearings - Ratio 1/3.6 – 1/3.8
Ignition coilInductive IDI
Spark-plugNGK BR9ES
EGT 550° - CHT 150°
Exhaust pipeHand-made with resonator and db killer chamber
Propeller rotationClockwise
FuelUnleaded gasoline - Synthetic oil 1.5%
Consumption2.70-3.20 liters/hour at 30kgs of static thrust, prop.125cms at 8.000 RPM
Weight10.5 kg
Max Trust

55kgs prop. 130cms at 9.800RPM

52kgs prop. 125cms at 9.800RPM


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