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Real full carbon shell

Cena var mainīties atkarībā no komplektācijas!

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Italian Design

The NeroHero helmet was designed by Ignazio Bernardi, with technical consultancy from the most important helmet developer in Italy.

The result is a unique, highly aerodynamic, state-of-the-art helmet.

Shell: full carbon or fibre glass

NeroHero is a helmet constructed with the same technology as used in military applications, including high-modulus carbon or glass fibre and high-density polystyrene to guarantee optimal standards of safety.


The polystyrene is very thick in order to pass the stringest penetration test required by E.N. 966 certification.


This helmet is always sold with a visor.

There are 3 visor colours available: transparent, tinted brown and mirror.
Please bear in mind that the mirror visor is particularly delicate.

All our visors are anti-fog, anti-scratch, and have full UV protection.

Internal padding

Sizes with interchangeable padding

The size of a helmet is specified by the inner circumference of the internal padding.

The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.

The NeroHero helmet is supplied with 3 sets of internal padding with different thicknesses, for the sizes:

  • 56 (Small)
  • 58 (Medium)
  • 60 (Large)
For sizes 61 and 62, we are making a NeroHero helmet with a larger shell and thicker polystyrene.

In addition, we have created a brand-new system to further enhance helmet comfort.
Every size is attained by means of 8 small, soft, breathable padding pieces that can all be replaced by 8 thicker or thinner versions.
The chin padding pieces are also interchangeable, and have different thicknesses.
We deliver the helmet with 3 sets of 8 internal padding pieces and 3 sets of chin padding pieces of different thicknesses, so that you can be sure to attain a perfect fit simply by changing all or some of the padding pieces.
This system provides another benefit: it is easy to remove the padding pieces and replace them with new pieces. They are simply attached to the polystyrene liner with small lengths of Velcro.

More explanations with some samples

Airflow inside the helmet

There are two small apertures at the front, and two at the back of the helmet, plus two large channels between the internal padding pieces. These features ensure good ventilation for the head inside the helmet.

E.N. 966 certification


The NeroHero helmet was tested by the Italian laboratory CSI, a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport.

This helmet was designed specifically for free flight pilots, in accordance with the respective European standard (EN 966).
But it is also ideal for land sports.

View the NeroHero EU TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE and the complete, very interesting TEST REPORT.

Our helmets were designed and built specifically to be as light as possible for paraglider and hang glider pilots. However, the optimization of safety is our primary priority. On pages 7 and 8, the test report shows that the impact measurements for the NeroHero helmet are far lower (and therefore safer) than the Max Peak Deceleration (-250 g) permitted.

For further information about the E.N. 966 test, please read our page About safety

In addition, you could take a look at the interesting video we made during the EN 966 tests on the Rega helmet.


Full carbon: 790 g
Fiberglass: 830 g

The weight of a carbon or fibre glass helmet has a tolerance of +/- 50 grams, due to slight variations in the amount of adhesive applied to the layers of the shell.

Please remember that our first priority is to optimize safety, and then weight.
We could have used fewer layers of carbon or fiberglass for the shell. But the test report at pages 7 and 8 shows that we are on the safe side: the impact measurements for the NeroHero helmet are much lower (therefore safer) than the Max Peak Deceleration (-250 g) permitted.

About that unusual name NeroHero

It’s not always easy to find the right name for a product. It has to reflect its technical and visual characteristics, it has to be accessible to both Italian and international readers, and above all, it should reflect the approach of the company that makes it.

We wanted to call the helmet Bullet, but the name had been used for another flight product. We asked our friend and copywriter Henry Neuteboom to give us a hand. He suggested NeroHero, and we liked it straight away.
In fact, Henry works on all our texts, writing or correcting, and translating.

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