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205,00 €

Technical data

  • Carbon Optic
  • Just 390 grams
  • New patented ESR (Elastic size regulator from 56 to 61)
  • For Hike & Fly and land sports
  • Certification EN 1385

Nerv Light 2 is fitted with Icaro2000's new, patented ESR Elastic Size Regulator. This system adjusts the helmet's fit to perfection. What's more, it only has to be adjusted once, the first time that you wear your helmet. From then on, the Elastic Size Regulator activates automatically every time you put on your helmet, ensuring that it is a snug, comfortable fit. The occipital band that passes around the back of your neck can also be adjusted in height for optimum helmet position regulation.
We introduced the ESR Elastic Size Regulator as an improvement on the Rotary Size Regulator that is a popular feature of some other Icaro2000 helmets. The rotor makes it quick and easy to adjust fit, but usually the operation has to be performed every time you put your helmet on. The ESR Elastic Size Regulator is fully automatic, and with the extra width of the occipital strap, it ensures even better comfort.
In short, the ESR Elastic Size Regulator is yet another example of Icaro2000's constant commitment to safety, comfort and ease of use.
Our new patented ESR (Elastic Size Regulator) is designed to provide perfect automatic regulation from size S (56 cm) to L (61 cm).
The height of the regulator can also be easily adjusted.

We have introduced a cap in the high-technology fabric Coolmax, which increases comfort by wicking perspiration away from the head and enabling it to evaporate rapidly, keeping you cool and dry.
Every Nerv light 2 helmet has a label that guarantees the use of this famous new textile, which is also soft to touch and so makes the helmet even more comfortable.

2 caps are available:

  • Large = size 59 - 61
  • Small = size 54 - 58

The cap is quick and easy to change for a better fit. Size can be further adjusted using the ESR (Elastic size regulator) at the back of the helmet.

If the helmet is not a perfect fit, we can send you new padding free of charge, independently from where you bought the helmet.

Another important benefit of this internal padding system is that you can easily remove it and replace it with new padding, or simply wash it.

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