The best part of a flight is being able to share it. The Watson is a harness ideal for offering a tandem passenger maximum comfort and safety. An elementary part of having amazing adventures together.


The comfort of a unique experience

Comfort is the first step to enjoyment. The Watson's ergonomic design provides total comfort thanks to the foam seat and backrest and the use of a fastening system fully adaptable to each passenger.

Safety from start to finish

Thanks to the Square Buckle fastening system and an airbag with optimised ease of inflation, safety is assured from the moment of take off to landing and throughout the flight.

Reversible for better transportability

Not only great in flight, the harness is simple to carry on the ground. The Watson easily transforms into a backpack that makes carrying the helmet and all the personal belongings of the passenger simplicity itself.

Harness features:

  • • The Square Buckle provides complete safety and ease of use with only two locking points, instead of the three that are commonly used.
  • • Better load distribution thanks to oriented, reinforced transversal seams to avoid hard lumps, folds or excessive tension in the material.
  • • Full-protection system with an easy-to-inflate airbag which is located under the seat plate, and which is reinforced with Nitinol to prevent deformation.
  • • Adjustable straps in different sizes to adapt perfectly to the passenger.
  • • Lateral handles to help the passenger to get into, and comfortable in, the harness.
  • • Secure shoulder strap attachment point for the vario and/or a camera.
  • • Adherent fabric on the shoulder straps to fasten and hold the vario and/or camera steady.
  • • Elastic side pockets with lanyards to secure belongings.
  • • Zip pocket on the side for the passenger's personal items.
  • • Separate leg loops.
  • • Compatible with the IKS connection system. (Optional)
  • Compatible with 30/40 mm maillons and carabiners.

Rucksack features:

  • • Exterior compartments:
  • • Front zip pocket.

Materials and straps:

  • • Waterproof fabric. 
  • • Breathable fabric at the shoulder straps. 
  • • Side compression straps. 
  • • Reinforced base.

Adjustments and buckles:

  • • Front fastening straps 
  • • Carrying handle.



One size

Rucksack capacity:  

Helmet, jacket and personal items

Weight with accessories :

2,2 kg

Pilot height:


Max. Load:  






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