Versatile harness for ambitious beginners as well as for thermal flying. Its well cushioned shoulder straps together with a noticeable free movement space make it really comfortable and suitable for long flights. Many elaborate details like adjustment possibilities and a capacious stowage complete this harness.


The geometry of Innovation makes it easy to slip into the harness respectively slip out at landing. Innovation harness is quite light an most of all very comfortable, thus perfect for distance flights. Individual adjustments for seat and back make it possible to quickly the ideal seating position. Its colour-coordinated drop-out safeguard, leg and chest closures combined with a drop-out safeguard and a large back protector increase the passive safety of this harness.

Additionally the container opening has been enlarged compared to the previous model. Its closure has been optimsed by replacing the conventional pins by two cables and a zipper in order to achieve a safe reserve deployment.


  • Excellent seating comfort, appropriate for distance flights
  • Capacious stowage
  • Individual adjustments for seating position and seat inclination
  • Seat board extension
  • Fixture for a stirrup
  • Integrated rescue parachute container with a large opening
  • Optimised container closure with two cables and zipper
  • Deployment bag with release handle
  • Colour-coordinated drop-out safeguard
  • Very light, formfitting synthetic seat board
  • Optionally available with carbon seat board
  • Long foam protector reaching up the back
  • Accessible storage possibilities


Body height155 - 165 cm160 - 180 cm175 - 195 cm
max. load120 kg120 kg120 kg
Harness weight3,8 kg4,1 kg4,3 kg
Suspension height46 cm49 cm51 cm
Seatboard size (w x l)36 cm x 36 cm38 cm x 38 cm40 cm x 40 cm
Certified acc. toEN1651 & LTF 91/09EN1651 & LTF 91/09EN1651 & LTF 91/09

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