The acro wing with the unbeatable handling! The story of success on the BLACKOUT is based on balanced canopy-harmony, which offers the perfect mix out of mistake-forgiving dynamic and precise handling. The BLACKOUT PLUS was able to achieve a clear improvement in terms of dynamics as well as the handling, without making the glider more aggressive. Much dynamic with easy handling, that is what makes this glider equally suitable for hobby acro pilots and acro beginners as well as professionals.


Sportive handling meets sweet-tempered flight behavior with minimal pack size. This mixture provides countless areas of application for the light two-seater. From the perfect family-wing to the uncompromising companion for demanding alpine undertakings and travels in twos. The concept of simplification already kicks in at the launch. The lightweight two-seater can take off in almost any condition and promises carefree fun moments in the air. 

Uncompromising passive safety provides high comfort on extended, twosome flights. The ASTERION LT reacts directly to control pulses and offers a very precise handling. That will be appreciated when soaring in laminar flank wind as well as when centering in thermal. Thereby the steering pulses remain very low and remind more of the handling of a solo-wing. A wing that meets the perfect requirements of a family-glider. Also the weight range is aimed at maximum flexibility regarding the passengers.

Chief designer Ernst Strobl trusts in the efficient basic concept of the Eternity when designing the ASTERION LT and that‘s what gives the wing its sweet-tempered characteristics. The 3D-shaping and the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing provide the perfect flow around the wing and the Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) provides the optimized inflow around the profile. Miniribs and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) help the profile to more form fidelity at the trailing edge and thereby convey the steering pulses to the wing precisely. A very straight forward line concept with few main lines provides a good overview and orientation with the line levels at the launch. The risers are equipped with efficient trimmers which
accelerates the agile wing 13 km/h.




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