The Axis Sirius 2 Tandem paraglider is intended for the widest possible range of pilots, but it is also designed for professionals who fly tandems commercially. Sirius 2 is certified in EN-B category. 


Axis Sirius 2 tandem glider was developed from the very successful and very popular Sirius (1). It retains excellent start and landing properties, canopy stability and good resistance to collapse from its forerunner. Thanks to a new concept of leading edge, which is now reinforced by plastic reinforcements (this element is taken from our competition glider Axis Mercury Sport).


Sirius 2 has a higher glide ratio (better by approximately 0.5) on the maximum speed (about 50 km/h). Another significant improvement is completely redesigned brakes (same solution we have used on the Vega 4 and of course Mercury Sport). We were able to not only reduce the overall length of the lines, which increases performance, but also greatly improve their efficiency and scale down strenght in them. And all while keeping their comfortable and progressive course forces, as we know from his predecessor Sirius One.


Axis Sirius 2 is made of material by the traditional French manufacturer Porcher Sport. The canopy is made of S 9017 E25 (38g/m2), and diagonal ribs are designed from the S9017 E29-hard (39g/m2). The use of these materials should reduce the weight of the canopy by approximately 6.5%.

Technical details:

Max. Wing Chord3,45
Aspect Ration5,30
projected Area34,40
Projected Span11,28
Projected A/R3,70
Number of Cells52
Take Off Weight120-220
Min. Speed23
Trim Speed36
Acc. Speed50
Min. Sink Rate1
Glide Ratio8,7

SertifikācijaEN B

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