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The Flytec SensBox is a small, sophisticated device for flight data acquisition, wich has been especially designed as a data source for aeronautical applications running on Apple and Android mobile devices.

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The mini-acoustics Vario made by FLYTEC – small but effective! The SONIC is particularly appropriate as back-up instrument for pilots flying Routes or Competitions, but also for tandem flights.

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The FLYTEC 6030 is the absolutely summum high-tech product of all flight instruments which will practically leave no wishes unfulfilled.

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The Flytec 6020 is the ideal GPS-instrument for the experienced route flying pilot (or anyone who would like to become such pilot), as it provides for functions in regard to Restricted Areas. This function becomes even more important in today’s confined air space.

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You are a paraglider or hang glider pilot who is setting out for your first cross country flights. You want to know where the wind is blowing from, and at what strength during your local joy flights. You are getting into competition flying and will soon fly your first races. You are an experienced pilot who loves simplicity and still wants to know about...

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The FLYTEC 6010 is based on the model 6005 but provides in addition an integrated Barograph. Due to this feature the performance-oriented pilots have the possibility to read and evaluate the flights by use of the proven and gratuitous flight analysis program.

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The proven instrument of FLYTEC-series for beginners  The proven FLYTEC 6005 is suitable for beginners, but also for ambitious pilots who just enjoy flying. While being equipped with the latest sensor- and processor technology, this attractive instrument also provides a large number of important flight data for the performance-oriented pilot.

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The Flytec 6000 is the ideal basic instrument which provides to the pilot all required basic functions, but without having to accept any compromise in regard to quality and precision. Perfectly suitable for training, beginners and the sole hobby pilot. The instrument’s technology is based on the 6005/10 series.

202,00 €
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