Variometri - augstuma mērītāji 

Light, simple, colorful. Perfectly configured as a stand alone instrument for everyday use, Hike and Fly adventures and Cross-country missions.

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Your Expert Co-Pilot The full featured Oudie 4 is clearly designed for the experienced pilot who doesn’t compromise, or those who want the functionality to enter and win competitions.

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The IQ ALTO is a "best price" entry to the next generation of BRAUNIGER intelligent flight instruments. Designed to perfectly meet the needs of all paragliding pilots, from beginners to experienced pilots.

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Flytec Alto is for you if you are looking for a simple, robust and reliable vario.

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Small The length of the little finger Light Less than 20 grams ... Powerfull . Ultra fast response (10cm). Thermal-sniffer feature Practical . Keyboard for volume and thresholds setup. Fixable on wrist, helmet, risers or cockpit. Visual vario with LED

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