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. Multi GNSS GPS. WI-FI. Bluetooth. Weatherstation. World road map. SMS alert. World airspaces. World topography . G-meter. made for the competition

SmallThe length of the little finger LightLess than 20 grams ... Powerfull. Ultra fast response (10cm). Thermal-sniffer feature Practical. Keyboard for volume and thresholds setup. Fixable on wrist, helmet, risers or cockpit. Visual vario with LED

Practical. Fixed on the risers for easy reading. Customizable screen. Online flightbook LightOnly 83 grams. The lightest alti-vario-GPS ever Powerfull. Ultra fast response (10cm). Thermal-sniffer feature. GPS (ground speed, glide ratio). AGL (topography). Wind speed and direction Intuitive. 3 buttons. User-friendly

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