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Cena var mainīties atkarībā no komplektācijas!

Norādītā cena ir bez vizora (stikla).

Italian Design

The 2 pilots pilots Piccard and Borschberg of the Solar Impulse 2 have chosen this helmet because it is light, solid, reliable and it has the certification EN 966. 

We are very proud to have contributed to this incredible mission.
So we called the helmet "SOLAR X" in honor of this unique adventure.

Shell made of strong polycarbonate

The polystyrene is reinforced with one more layer of polycarbonate to achieve the hard penetration test of the E.N. 966 certification.

Between the shell and the polystyrene there are 2 channels with their wholes for the air flow


The visor is an option.
It is made of polycarbonate with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment.

2 types are available:

  • Short, tranparent and tinted brown
  • Long, tranparent, tinted brown and mirror


There are 3 available sizes with wheel regulator for a perfect fit of the head circumference from 53 cm to 61 cm.

The size of a helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding.

The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.

Ear defenders or electronic headsets

The Solar X helmet is certified only with attached ear defenders or electronic headsets.
We use the best ear defenders on the market and we mount them perfectly onto the helmet.

The advantages of wearing a headset fixed to the helmet

  • the ear cups can be flipped upwards quickly and easily

  • on the ground you can thus hear normally

  • in the air you can ventilate your ears whenever you like

We can apply the electronic apparatus for any type of radio equipment, including the professional headsets used by the Swiss aerial rescue service with our Rega helmet. For further information, go to our headsets page.

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