The Dual is designed for commercial and hobby paramotor/paratrike/motorhead pilots who use this aircraft as a safe tool to maximise the flying experience with their friends, family and customers.


The Dual is a both DGAC/EN-B rated versatile tandem paramotor wing, designed by Bruce to maximise the fun. With one size at 40m² flat and a weight range of 120 - 250 kg it is the ideal size for light tandem trikes and tandem paramotors. 

We have added CCB to the Dual’s leading edge to improve inflation, stability, and performance. The Dual is equipped with trimmers that create a light reflex profile when engaged so pilots can adjust the trim according to their setup and enjoy stable speed while touring.


When I fly tandem paramotors I don’t feel like I have enough control over the wing, especially while turning. I think this is because a tandem wing is usually faster, holding more energy and inertia than a solo wing. Personally, I don't have enough strength in my arms to make the glider do what I want. I am not going to start weight training so I designed the Dual to have softer and, most importantly, very reactive brakes. This gives the pilot more authority for launching, flying and landing, and feels more like a solo wing.

While producing the Dual we focused a lot of energy into the launch/landing characteristics. The Dual has a smooth progressive inflation that allows the pilot time to correct and adapt for changes in wind or terrain. It does not rip the pilot or shoot hard during high wind launching and self stabilizes once over head. Tandem pilots love this since they can’t always fly on nil wind days.


Top surface : Porcher 9017-E38A soft 40g/m²
Bottom surface : Dominico N20 DMF 34g/m²
Internal structure : Dominico D30 DFM
Nose reinforcing : Plastic wire 2,5mm and 2,0mm
Risers : 20mm black Nylon webbing
Top lines : PPSL120 DSL70
Middle lines : TSL 140,220,280
Lower lines : TSL 280,380,500
Brakes : DSL70


Projected area34.33
Flat area40.00
Glider weight7.5kg
Total line length450m
Number of main lines3/4/3/2A/B/C
Flat aspect ratio5.3 
Projected aspect ratio3.88 
Root cord3.46m
Flat span15.56m
Projected span11.50m
In-flight weight range120 - 240kg
Trim speed42km/h
Top speed52km/h
Min sink1.0m/sec
Best glide9.0 
CertificationDGAC EN/LTF-B 

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