Macpara Seven Fold Certina Bag


Protect of the C-Rod Technology

Many of the latest Mac Para paragliders have nylon C- Rod Technology creating a semi rigid leading edge resulting in better performance.  The challenge was to figure out how to fold the glider to prevent damaging the C-Rods. The answer to protect and maintain advanced paragliders while transporting is the Seven Fold Certina Bag

60,00 €


It offers a special sleeve to place the gathered cells to prevent movement and bending of any C-Rods during the folding process. The Seven Fold Certina Bag can be carried by itself but the best protection for your paraglider is to put it into another bag such as theBronco bag.

C-Rod protective pocket to protect the leading edge.

Two internal compression straps to secure the length of the glider to the bag.

Internal pocket for risers.

Enables your glider to be folded up into a compact package.

Made from light weight durable material.

Weight 0,71 kg / 1,56 lbs.

Folding into Certina Bag from macpara on Vimeo.

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