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Introducing the new Trike Eco Light With the new 2-stroke RMZ-500 two-stroke engine.
This engine is very similar to the famous Rotax 503 with air cooling.


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It mounts the same reducer of the Rotax and the same muffler. Power delivery is gradual and the engine runs regularly at all speeds. We were really surprised by the low noise level, even with the standard filters in the sponge noise is really reduced. Fuel consumption is around 8 liters per hour thanks to the 2 Mikuni carburetors.
The chassis has been completely redesigned, the center of gravity has been lowered, increasing the stability of take-off and landing. The connection point of the glider is on the same point as the harness attachment and therefore remains stationary even in turbulent conditions.

The twist effect due to the propeller was also improved by changing the geometry of the sail attachment points.

Now available with Rotax 582

 Engine   RMZ 500 2 stroke twin 500 cc  Rotax 582
 Cooling   Forced air Liquid cooled
 Power   50 HP 64 HP
 Carburetors   2 carburetors mikuni 2 carburetors Bing
 Starting of the engine   Electronics Ducati Electronics 
 Gear reduction unit   Helical teeth in oil bath with 2,58 reduction ratio Helical teeth in oil bath with 1:2,58 / 1:2,62 reduction ratio
 Starter   Manual or Electric and manual  Manual or Electric and manual
 Exhaust    Expansion with cylindrical silencer Expansion with cylindrical silencer
 Fuel   Mix 2% Mix 2%
 Propeller rotation   Clockwise Clockwise
 Weight   110 Kg 

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