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Luna is a single-seater and two-seater trike. It looks more like a ULM that has a common Paratrike.
Luna Trike is able to transmit to the pilot and passenger a very special feeling of comfort and freedom.
Great particularity of this trike is the system single front pipe that allows great visibility for the pilot and passenger. 


Seriāls "Paramotori" 1. sērija

Seriāls "Paramotori" 2. sērija

Seriāls "Paramotori" 3. sērija

EngineFrameSafety and comfort
* Rotax: 582 reductor type E / 64 horses* Aluminum frame* emergency ballistic
* Separate fuel mixer* 2 comfort seats* 2 Seat belts
* Dual ignition* Cruise control* Glider Luna Wing
* Static thrust on the ground 159 kg*  Cockpit integrated* Front and rear shock absorber
* Water temperature instrument* Length 270 cm* front disc brakes
* RPM* Width 191 cm* independent rear suspension
* Hour counter* Height 196 cm* Tank 48 Liters
* EGT Temperature* Carbon fender
* Three-blade propeller* Empty weight: 162 kg
* Electric and manual start* Glider max .: 380 kg weight
* Fuel gauge* Removable cage into three parts

* Centrifugal clutch
* Kit bags complete
* Front protection in plexiglass with support
* Luna cover
* Road transport kit
* Cover propeller 3 blade
* Kit wheels for sand





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