Sleek and clutter-free lightweight harness that is easy to use.



The O2+ is the latest version of our entry-level harness for new pilots. The 2019 revision of this harness includes the following upgrades:

  •          New radio pocket
  •          New colour-coded straps for safety and ease of use
  •          New adjustment buckles with smoother action
  •          New chest strap protector for groundhandling comfort
  •          Improved reserve compartment
  •          Sewn-in reserve bridles

The O2+ is a sleek and clutter-free lightweight harness that is easy to use, with a focus on sensitivity, comfort, and ease of use. The simple layout of the harness belies the technology and innovation within:

  •          Sliding seat board allows for an easy transition from standing to seated positions, making the most important parts of the flight (take off and landing) easier, safer and less stressful.
  •          The O2+ transmits glider movement to the pilot as coordinated feedback, and can be adjusted to your taste by adjusting the semi-crossbraced chest strap.
  •          In the turn, the O2+ is well balanced with progressive weight-shift that enables you to place the glider’s bank and keep it exactly where you want it in the turn.
  •          Experienced pilots will love the coordinated feel of the O2+ in active air – locking into the core of a thermal has never been easier.
  •          Suited equally well for Soaring, Acro and XC flights.
  •          Fits in the standard OZONE Bag with any wing.


  •          Sliding seat board
  •          Long Y bridle attachment point is included*
  •          ‘Safe T’ system
  •          Integral reserve container (for left or right handed pilots)
  •          17cm Mousse
  •          Side pockets

*Please note that if choosing an OZONE Angel reserve parachute to accompany your Oxygen2+ harness, you will want to order the Angel with a “Short Single” bridle. You will also need to purchase an 8mm Square Maillon Rapide to connect the reserve to the harness bridles.





up to 175 cm

170-185 cm

180 cm +

*S and L sizes are changed by a shorter or longer pod size. The harness structure remains the same for S, M, L. The XS Size is a smaller harness structure.

EN Certified to 120Kg

Harness + Back Bumper, Seat plate, Carabiners, Reserve Handle: 4.6kg


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