The BIPRO 3 tandem pilot harness has many useful features for a simple and safe working day. The harness weighs a mere 2.6 kg and is strongly built. This exceptionally comfortable pilot harness will not only appeal to the daily professional, but will also serve the leisure tandem pilot perfectly.

Thought out – to the smallest detail

 The BIPRO 3 is our vision of the perfect tandem harness. This starts with weight. Including the EN/LTF certified foam protector the BIPRO 3 weighs only 2.6 kg for the M size. Padded V-Legpads provide a comfortable sitting and leg position behind the passenger. Good, adjustable support under the seat further enhances pilot comfort. For quick, straightforward, minimum size packing, the harness has the innovative Easy Fold feature, a hinge function behind the protector.


Outstanding Features

 Light and Compact

Light weight and small packed volume makes the BIPRO 3 specially attractive for daily professional tandem use. The 500 gm protector can be removed. For packing, the protector can be pushed forward and the back section folded over. This makes the folded BIPRO 3 very compact.


The possibility to adjust the seating angle and good support under the seat makes the BIPRO 3 very comfortable in flight. Comfort begins on the ground. This tandem harness is simple to adjust and quickly put on. The two Edelrid Triple Lock buckles of the Get-Up System fasten with a clear “Klack” sound.

 Equipped for everyday use

This harness was specifically planned to be robust enough for everyday repetitive use. BIPRO 3 details, like the extremely reliable back pocket zip, were especially taken in mind. The orange inner surface of this compartment makes it easy to see what’s inside, and the seams inside resist fallout.

 Optional, weight-optimised tandem spreaders

Three spreader versions - Hard Hybrid, Soft and Soft Trim – are designed to go perfectly with the BIPRO 3. A notable feature of all three is the cleanly running covered reserve connection line permanently fixed to the spreader. This saves an extra reserve carabiner, and also the check of it before takeoff.

The V-shaped, well-padded legpads provide a comfortable sitting position behind the passenger, and avoid the pilot’s knees pressing into the passenger’s back: maximum comfort all round. A 3D-developed and well supported seat structure contributes to the high level of comfort.
For easy packing and minimal packed volume the harness was planned with the innovative and unique Easy Fold Feature. The clearly-folding section behind the protector takes on a hinge function and folds together for efficient packing and maximum compactness.
The brand new Triple-Lock-Edelrid buckles are here used for a paraglider harness for the first time. They correct the shortcomings of standard Click-Lock buckles. Now, three conscious and sequential actions are required to open them. Spontaneous opening is not considered possible.
The ergonomic multi-chamber foam protector is EN /LTF approved. It fits around the legpads, but can easily be taken out of its compartment under the seat, to provide another 17 Ltr storage, or save 500 gm of weight.

Technical Data

Pilot hightcm155 - 185175 - 202
Harness weightkg2.052.2
Volume of back pocketl2634
Carabiner heightcm4042
CertificationEN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kgEN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kg
Protector weightkg0.520.52
Weight reserve container with reserve handlekg0.130.13
Drošības spilvensPolsterējums

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