Kortel Design Kolibri


The Kolibri is a lightweight harness for hike and fly competitions or bivouac flights.


The result of three years of reflection on the activity, it is characterized by several major innovations:

  • Dyneema Structure
  • Large storage pockets
  • Hybrid back protector foam / airbag
  • Adjustments by innovative trimmable splicing

It’s independent leg structure makes it more progressive in roll than a hammock style harness, which results in greater peace of mind for the pilot in difficult conditions. 
The level of comfort is unprecedented for a harness of this weight, and thus it can be used for flights of several hours. 
The frontal placement of the emergency parachute, integrated in the Kocon, allows for easy extraction even under heavy acceleration. The handle is positioned to be seized easily and instinctively.

In addition it has large storage capacity, with a back pocket and a pocket under the seat. Furthermore the foam may also be easily removed and replaced by a sleeping bag.

Main technical datas :

  • Hybrid back protector foam / airbag
  • Large storage pockets
  • Delivered with Soft Links connectors (breaking load 2300kg)
  • Front rescue pocket integrated in the pod
  • Dyneema Structure
  • Adjustments by innovative trimmable splicing
  • Stick attachement in the back pocket
  • Double air intake (foldable for storage)
  • Carbon neck plate (95g)


  • 3 sizes : M up to 170cm / L from 170cm to 185cm / XL up to 185cm.


  • Weight (full) : M 1.9kg / L 2.0kg / XL 2.1kg


  • EN & LTF certified.


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