Solar energy powered. The Solario high compact and accoustic-only vario is the ideal backup vario. This high technology instrument is an asset to competition, tandem and leisure pilots alike.


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129,00 €


Size: 54 x 36 x 21 mm

Weight: 36 g

The whole device is housed in a case with the dimensions of a matchbox.

Nevertheless, as a result of its advanced design, the power from its buffered photovoltaic cell is sufficient. No batteries are required and volume and ascent/descent rate threshold controls are on the back.

SOLARIO, Technical Data

- buffer time with a fully charged capacitor: 45 minutes operation without sun

- charge time at full sunlight (100 000 Lux) until operation with a completely discharged capacitor: 45 seconds

- temperature compensated, frequency and interval modulated tone 

- size: 53 x 37 x 19 mm (approximately matchbox size)

- measurement range: 450 to 1100 mBar, up to 7000m or 20 000 ft.

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