SKYBEAN - SkyBean vario


SkyBean is mini audio vario

59,00 €


SkyBean vario is durable and reliable flight assistant. Instead of breathtaking feature list, there are some practical use cases, where for sure you will find yourself:

  • Beginner pilot should focus her/his attention to basic pre-flight preparation, not to set up complex flight computer. Also during flight, she/he must concentrate to all those new feelings and not to study actual glide ratio on half bar.
  • Commercial tandem pilot doesn’t have space for large instruments, neither a need for obvious info in her/his well known playground.
  • SkyBean vario can quietly stay for years resting in harness pocket and with pleasure will do its job, when you will forget your main vario at home.
  • Are you tired of super flashing technology all around which requires so much attention to keep it alive? Is flying just your pure natural relax? SkyBean vario can serve as a little undemanding assistant, which will work for hundreds hours without energy feeding.

Physical parameters:

  • Weight 22 g
  • Dimensions 62x28x15 mm
  • Battery CR2032, 200 hours


  • Configurable audio volume and sink/lift threshold
  • Adhesive 3M™ Dual Lock™ velcro system Mount

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