Powered Racing in New Style. The Paradox is an all-time favorite among advanced ppg pilots. It is a classic powered competition wing with newly designed reflex-airfoils.


High Performance Design

The canopy has 63 cells and has an elliptical form with an aspect ratio of 6.0. The canopy has perfect internal pressure distribution and is very resistant to collapse. The construction using diagonal ribs and a system of load-bearing tapes keep the canopy stable and clean for maximum efficiency through the air. Specially designed airfoils provide extraordinary glide ratio and stability. The smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained using Mylar reinforcement combined with plastic rods. Additionally the RFE system – C rods between the main ribs, and the matching mini-ribs along the trailing edge. The upper cascade is made from unsheathed lines. Thin main lines and newly designed thin risers with ball bearing Harken pulleys help to achieve high speed. The benefit of this new technology is increased glide and lower fuel consumption.

Exceptional Handling

The Paradox inflates very easily in all conditions even in a light, nil or cross wind. The wing offers sporty handling in all trim settings.  It features wing tip steering toggles for accelerated flying. Combination with serial brakes in according to pilot’s preferences can make bank angle of turn even tighter. The forces on main controls are light at the beginning and provide extraordinary maneuverability. Dynamic maneuvers are easily possible.  In the next phase of braking, the pressure increases progressively providing you with good sufficient feedback. The Paradox is equipped with special 5 point comp risers system with trimmers. When operating the speed bar the speed increase is extremely progressive. It is really fast! The Paradox is not suitable for beginners and intermediate pilots.

Standard Equipment

Auto cleaning slots on wing tips help to keep the canopy clean. Modified semi-stiff brakes toggles are equipped with swivels and additional thin loops to make control of the glider easier and less tiring during long flights. The glider is delivered with quick bag MacPack (optionally with backpack Bronco), inner sack, compression belt, T-shirt and set for repairs.
The Paradox is an outstanding paramotoring glider which is loaded with highest performance and maneuverability. It is fun to fly it.

Make it Yours…

The hardest part is picking your favorite Colour and Size. If you need help your local Mac Para dealer will help you choosing the right size to maximize the performance of your new Paradox.
Sizes: The Paradox is available in sizes 18, 20, 22, 24, 27.      
Colors: The main base colors on 3 designs Lime, Red, and Orange.

Technical Specifications

Zoom flat[%]879296100106.5112
Area flat[m2]16.3518.2819.9121.624.527.1
Area projected[m2]14.3916.0917.5219.0121.5623.85
Span flat[m]9.910.4710.9211.3812.1212.75
Aspect ratio flat666666
Root cord[m]
Weight range powered *[kg]85 - 12090 - 13095 - 137105 - 145115 - 160130 - 180
Weight range powered *[lbs]187 - 265198 - 287209 - 302231 - 320254 - 353287 - 397
Min. speed[km/h]25 - 2725 - 2725 - 2725 - 2725 - 2725 - 27
Speed trimmers closed[km/h]39-4139-4139-4139-4139-4139-41
Speed trimmers open[km/h]49-5249-5249-5249-5249-5249-52
Top speed (acc.+trim open)[km/h]64-6764-6764-6764-6764-6764-67
Glide ratio9.
Min. sink rate[m/s]

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