The Wasp is designed for the PPG pilot who wants to continue to progress after leaving flight school and the recreational PPG pilot looking for a reliable wing that uses the latest technology.


Several performance enhancing design features have been incorporated in the glider giving better stability and glider cleanliness.
The Wasp offers outstanding launch characteristics and responsive handing. Double hang points on the risers means all harnesses are suitable.
Positioned on the safer end of the EN/LTF-B range and DGAC, the Wasp is a rock solid glider that everyone will feel comfortable flying.


Linear scaling factor0.9611.04 
Projected area21.5923.4325.34
Flat area25.1627.3029.53
Glider weight5.05.45.7kg
Total line length302328355m
Number of main lines3/4/3A/B/C
Flat aspect ratio4.87 
Projected aspect ratio3.57 
Root cord2.812.933.05m
Flat span11.9212.4212.92m
Projected span8.739.099.45m
In-flight weight range65-10580-125100-145kg
Trim speed38km/h
Top speed50km/h
Min sink1.0m/sec
Best glide8.5 
CertificationDGAC EN/LTF-B 
SertifikācijaEN C

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