The remedy for patients who have progressed beyond the EN-B stage of treatment, and require a higher-performing cure for the flying bug.


Are you finding it hard to stay up? Suffering from flight sweats, bomb-outs, or launch anxiety? Feel like you’re not making goal? There ARE treatment options. If you or someone you know has been experiencing some or all of these symptoms, maybe it is time to ask your dealer about the EN-C CURE. The “flying bug” has afflicted thousands of pilots around the world and is quickly becoming the leading cause of giant FAI triangles. Luckily, doctor Bruce Goldsmith has had a number of breakthroughs in developing the EN-C CURE. Clinical trials* have proven the CURE highly effective in climb, glide, speed, safety and handling. This remedy has been developed for patients who have progressed beyond the EN-A and EN-B stages and require a higher performance treatment.


From the ground up (literally) the EN-C CURE is a supercharged paraglider combining the perfect ratio between climbing efficiency and usable performance, guaranteed to cure even the worst cases of the “flying bug”. 

Studies suggest that the EN-C CURE mutates into an extension of the patient’s mind and body as they speedily work towards their goals. Bruce Goldsmith handling has been added to maximize the quality of the experience.

INGREDIENTS: Trademark Cord Cut Billow, 54 leading edge mini-ribs, Strong shark, 60 enhanced cells, 6.75 flat aspect ratio, optimised micro-lines, 4.3-5.4kg weight, Bruce Goldsm¬ith handling, zesty artificial colouring.


Linear scaling factor0.9611.041.08 
Projected area17.6919.2020.7722.39
Flat area21.2023.0024.8826.83
Glider weight4.
Total line length225244264285m
Number of main lines3/3/4A/B/C
Flat aspect ratio6.75 
Projected aspect ratio4.87 
Root cord2.182.272.362.45m
Flat span11.9612.4612.9613.46m
Projected span9.279.6610.0510.43m
In-flight weight range60-8075-9590-110105-125kg
Trim speed40km/h
Top speed57km/h
Min sink1.0m/sec
Best glide11 
SertifikācijaEN C

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