Ready to fly the big sites of the world or rack up some big XCs from home? The Base is your wing!


How can a few lines and some cloth be put together in a way that will fly us hundreds miles? For years we have been trying to build the perfect combination of these materials in an effort to fly further. Every year records are broken so we are definitely doing something right. We have gone through a lot of line and cloth to find our perfect combination in the BASE. 
Bruce put his ‘all’ into this high performing EN/LTF-B rated paraglider. The BASE carefully treads that thin line of maximum safety and impressive performance. Bruce Goldsmith Handling, a unique nose design and Cord Cut Billow all make the BASE into a great package of stability and performance.


Linear scaling factor0.9511.0251.05 
Projected area18.7220.7421.7922.87
Flat area22.5625.0026.2727.56
Glider weight4.
Total line length221245257270m
Number of main lines3/4/3A/B/C
Flat aspect ratio5.68 
Projected aspect ratio4.09 
Root cord2.482.612.682.74m
Flat span11.2411.8312.1312.42m
Projected span8.719.179.409.63m
In-flight weight range60-8075-9585-105100-120kg
Trim speed39km/h
Top speed55km/h
Min sink1.0m/sec
Best glide10 
SertifikācijaEN B

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