A consistently lightweight harness with maximum safety for the walk & fly-Pilot.

We managed to create a harness weighing just 2.6 kg that is complete with:

  • Rigid polypropylene seat
  • Built-in parachute container under the seat
  • Emergency handle with attached float bag
  • Harness bridle
  • Snap-hooks
  • Built-in transport rucksack
  • High performance airbag protection,
    thanks to the use of new construction materials and systems


Weight*Size L 2,6kg
CertificationLTF witheither GET-UP
Principal materialsNylon, Lycra, karabiners Camp-Para, buckles Camp
Distance between karabiner and seat43 cm45 cm47 cm
Seat plate rear width33 cm35 cm37 cm
Seat plate front width30 cm32 cm34 cm
Seat plate depth34 cm36,5 cm39 cm

*Total weight, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners and protection.

High performance airbag protection!

The airbag system has been completely redesigned to provide greater passive safety than previous generation airbags.

Thanks to the use of Nitinol (highly resistant and non-deformable metallic wire) inserted in the lower edge of the airbag, we were able to obtain 60% of the protective capacity before complete inflation which takes place in flight.

When fully inflated, it is fully comparable to the results of our spring airbag harness systems.

The inflation valve has also been completely redesigned to guarantee airflow in the airbag notwithstanding the position of the legs. The thin shape of the valve improves the aesthetics of the airbag.

Rucksack designed for guaranteed comfort even after hours of walking!

The reversibility system is the same as the Wanì, with a rucksack independent from the airbag enclosed in the rear containment pocket.

  • Its breathable padding on the back and on the shoulder-straps helps to make it comfortable for walking
  • Ergonomic shoulder-straps
  • Adjustable to meet your needs
  • Easy camel-bak installation
  • Convenient pockets to hold all your accessories
  • The space inside the rucksack has been especially designed to hold light flight equipment suitable for Hike & Fly

Rucksack features

Telescopic pole pocket

Clothing carrying elastic band

Bottle holder

Pocket designed for camel-bak

Weighing just 2.6 kg, the simplicity and comfort during flight of WANì LIGHT will amaze you.

  • Exceptional comfort thanks to its rigid polypropylene seat and padded back which help distribute your weight over a wider surface
  • Very easy to handle during flightthanks to its strap system that, although with less adjustments to keep weight down, was inherited from its big brother Wanì which proved to be a good balance between easy handling and stability.
  • Safety without compromisethanks to its airbag, which has been shown through testing to offer excellent performance, and to the reserve parachute housing under the seat.

Harness features

You can stow all of your items easily in the spacious rear pocket.

Pocket designed for camel-bak

Simple and solid adjustments that hold their position in flight

Get-Up straps which is the lightest forget-proof safety system for closing a harnesses

Innovative safety systems

The emergency parachute container built under the seat, designed with a maximum volume of 3.8 ltr suitable for containing the most lightweight, latest generation emergency chutes.

The insertion system has been completely revamped, making it simpler and lighter.

With this new system you must use the Wani Light’s specific float bag, attaching to it the deployment handle that came with the harness.


We have always been attentive to the needs of our left-handed customers and on request you can order your harness with left-hand parachute extraction.


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