Dudek Soul


Designed for cross-country flying

Light pod harness for pilots looking for some comfort coupled with small weight. Ideal proposition for long XC and vol-biv adventures.


Reduced, elastic seat plate used in Soul harness is an intermediate solution between "hammock" and traditional, rigid seatplate harnesses. Such design blends comfort within small-weight package. Stiffened back support and new, ergonomic seating present you with maximum snugness during long flight hours. Four sizes and large adjustment range make sure every single pilot will be able to find his optimum. A container under seat plate can keep a ballast bag. Large back pocket (26 l), side pockets and a cockpit pouch will readily house all your belongings.

Protection and safety

Redesigned strap scheme brings great stability and significantly reduces danger of launching with unclipped leg straps. Airfoam protector 15 cm thick offers a very good protection of the pilot's spine. Integrated rescue chute container is located on the back, behind the protector. Release handle is fixed  in easily accessible area on the right side of the harness. Locking scheme of the straps 'reminds' the pilot to clip in the chest strap as well.

Comfort and versatility

Due to light and durable materials of best quality the Soul weighs just 3,7 kg in M size. Soul is a comfortable harness for everyone. Little weight, smal size when packed, big pockets, ball-beared and replaceable  Smart Pulleys – all those are ingredients of highly satisfying and comfortable experience of flight.

SizeSuspension height 
Seatplate width front/backSeatplate depth BBack support height  AMax pilot weight
Harness weight* [kg]
S39 cm25/31 cm46 cm64 cm100 kg3,5 kg
M40 cm27/33 cm48 cm67 cm100 kg3,65 kg
L41 cm28/34 cm49 cm70 cm100 kg3,8 kg
XL42 cm29/35 cm51 cm74 cm100 kg3,95 kg

* Including protectorem, carabiners and speedbar

Cloth: Cordura (DuPont), Delinova, Dominico, Lycra
Protector: Gąbkowo-powietrzny 15 cm
 Poliamid, Poliester
Buckles: Finsterwalder, AustriAlpin
Carabiners: SupAir

Drošības spilvensPolsterējums

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