The IQ ALTO is a "best price" entry to the next generation of BRAUNIGER intelligent flight instruments. Designed to perfectly meet the needs of all paragliding pilots, from beginners to experienced pilots.

202,00 €


  • Elegant design, Soft Grip surface ABS casing, little volume  and easily operated keys.
  • New, high precision Vario –Digital technology with variable response time and excellent filtering due to the new Smart - filter-Technology
  • More than 250 operating hours with one battery set ( NiMh storage-battery is also possible )
  • Several years in Stand-by mode with visible display of current time of day. (Caution for leaking batteries)
  • All functions are individually programmable via OPTION-MODE-techniques.
  • Fight Memory: IQ-ALTO all Max/Min-Data of 40 flights

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