Super simple, super safe. 

Launch, fly, feel good: the SUSI is a wing for those who want absolute simplicity. Of all our wings, the SUSI is the one with the best passive safety. This wing makes flying easy again.



Easy flying. The appeal of paragliding is its simplicity: take your wing out of the bag, sort the lines and you are off. The SUSI is based on this principle. With only 28 cells, it is our simplest wing and this is also mirrored in its flying characteristics: during launch the wing climbs quickly above the pilot without overshooting. Brake travel is long and the dampening is high. The Susi is simply a feel-good wing.


Simply safe. The basic development principle of the SUSI was to make the safest wing possible. Brake travel to the stall point is very long. During asymmetric collapses the wing recovers quickly and without turning severely. Thanks to the high dampening, the SUSI always conveys a feeling of safety in turbulent conditions.


Simply versatile. A high degree of passive safety and good performance do not have to be contradictory: the SUSI is also suitable for exploring cross-country flights. But the wings real strong point is when winding it up in a tight thermal - thanks to its low aspect ratio and its low useable speed, the SUSI is a master climber. With a little practise, the SUSI can leave a high performance wing behind.

Target group


The SUSI is a wing which offers maximum simplicity and therefore is generally suitable for all pilots. But we would like to emphasise that high passive safety cannot replace the need for sensible handling and active flying skills.

Number of cells-2929292929
Projected spanm7,617,998,338,679
Projected area20,2222,2824,2526,2528,27
Projected aspect ratio-2,862,862,862,862,86
Flat spanm9,6710,1510,5911,0211,43
Flat area23,6526,0628,3630,733,07
Flat aspect ratio-3,953,953,953,953,95
Line diametermm1 / 1,4 / 2,1
Line lengthm5,886,176,446,696,95
Total line lengthm232243254264274
Max. chordm2,983,143,273,43,53
Min. chordm0,971,021,061,111,15
Recommended take off weightkg60-8570-10080-11090-120100-130
Certification (EN/LTF)
SertifikācijaEN A

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