A performance XC wing with comparatively low aspect ratio, with substantial, totally usable performance and excellent handling. Like the MENTOR in the standard class, the SECTOR is the mile-eater of the sports class.


The inspiration - the mile-eaters of the sports class

For nearly a decade, the MENTOR has been the benchmark in LTF/EN B cross-country wings and it wins everything that can be won. With the new SECTOR we have taken the same approach - but in the sports class (EN C). Comparatively moderate aspect ratio (5.92), high passive safety and confidence-inspiring flying behaviour all facilitate in a high level of totally usable performance. All this and a crisp and precise handling!

As a result, the SECTOR was designed as a cross-country wing.

Performance comparison

Years ago we stopped detailing absolute performance figures. Instead, we make comparisons with well-established models. Comparative flights with the MENTOR 5 showed 0.7 to 0.8 better glide points - with a very flat polar curve and high top-speed. It also clearly tops the TRITON 2. The SECTOR needs not be afraid of any comparison.

Thermal flying - balanced and uncomplicated

Immediately after take off the pilot will feel a solid wing with a high comfort factor. And this happy feeling continues when initiating a turn. Short brake travel with very moderate pressure results in direct and precise responses to brake inputs. The SECTOR gives the impression that it finds the core itself. Whether the thermals are large and weak or small and strong, the SECTOR will climb in anything. It will master all turns and angles of bank. Its main strengths are balance and simplicity.

Totally usable performance

What is the use of having great performance at 5am, when there is no wind, if the wing is tossed about in turbulent air on a mega XC day? Pitch, yaw and roll, as well as collapses, require active pilot input. And this destroys performance. The advantage of the SECTOR is the actually usable performance - like on the MENTOR. Even in strong thermals it stays solid. The SECTOR also inherited the MENTOR's stability at full-speed - the leading edge remains reassuringly stable. The SECTOR gives cross-country pilots real confidence - a really important prerequisite for proper long-distance flights.


In terms of the technical data, the SECTOR is nearly exactly positioned between the MENTOR 5 and the TRITON 2.

The same applies to the pilot target group. Any pilot who has a handle on their MENTOR and wishes to have more performance and that "EN C feeling" in handling will love the SECTOR. In comparison to the TRITON 2, clearly the SECTOR requires less active flying - but this does not change the fact that this is a sports class wing.  


No of cells67
Projected wingspan9,199,6510,0910,52
Projected surface area19,3121,3123,3225,32
Projected aspect ratio4,37
Flat wingspan11,5912,1712,7313,27
Flat surface area22,6925,0327,3929,75
Flat aspect ratio5,92
Line diameter0,6 / 0,8 / 1,0 /1,2
Line length6,727,067,397,70
Line consumption238250262273
max. profile depth241,06253,20264,80276,00
min. profile depth37,9839,9041,7043,50
Legal take-off weight 170-9080-10090-110100-130
certification LTFCCCC
certification ENCCCC
SertifikācijaEN C

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