The lightweight version of the MENTOR 5 – the master in its class. It weighs approximately 25 % less and can be packed much smaller than the standard version but it comes with all the advantages of the normal MENTOR 5. This makes it an all-rounder and offers you the freedom to undertake nearly every possible type of paragliding: cruising around local sites, paragliding holidays, hike & fly, vol-biv and ambitious cross-country flights.


Small packing volume – low weight

 The MENTOR 5 light has all the advantages of its standard version but it weighs more than 25% less and is far more compact to pack. Other differences between the "normal" and the light version:

  • The wing is easier to inflate and launch. Great for difficult alpine take-offs.
  • Experienced pilots will sense slightly more feedback from the wing.
  • Like all lightweight wings, the collapse and recovery characteristics are a little less dynamic.

Suitable for everyday flying – fully guaranteed

We deliberately do not construct our lightweight wings by pushing the limits of what is possible. Apart from the gallery lines, all lines are sheathed. They practically sort themselves. Launching is simple. The risers are not "Spaghetti-straps", but are conventional, aerodynamically slim risers with split A's. For years, our sensible compromise between durability and lightweight fabrics has proved itself reliable. We therefore provide our 3 year guarantee for the MENTOR 5 light too.

Real life performance – the benchmark

The MENTOR series has dominated the XC intermediate class for many years. All three of the longest FAI triangles flown on an EN B wing were completed on Mentor 3, 4 and 5s. The greatest of which is Berni Peßl's 300 km triangle. The MENTOR 5 light offers the same outstanding XC potential. The wing combines impressive performance, precise handling, excellent climb rate in thermals, as well as a high degree of passive safety for its classification (aspect ratio only 5.4). This impressive performance is easily accessible – even in strong thermals the wing ensures a relaxed and comfortable feeling in flight. A very important aspect for long XC-flights.


The MENTOR 5 light is a paraglider with impressive performance, which has – in the hands of an experienced pilot – very manageable handling and extreme flight behaviour. Yet, flying the MENTOR 5 light does require a certain level of skill and experience. Although certified as EN B, the MENTOR 5 light is not suitable for beginners or occasional pilots.


Number of cells59595959
Projected span8,438,879,299,70
Projected area18,4920,4622,4424,45
Projected aspect ratio3,843,843,843,84
Flat span10,8611,4211,9612,48
Flat area21,8424,1626,4928,88
Flat aspect ratio5,45,45,45,4
Line diameter0,65/1/1,2
Line length6,436,767,087,39
Total line length233245257268
Max. chord2,482,612,732,85
Min. chord0,450,470,490,51
Weight 3,43,744,3
Recommended take off weight55-8070-9080-10090-110
Certification (EN/LTF)BBBB
SertifikācijaEN B

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